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  • LindaFalasco,LCSW

Feeling Lonely? Let's Find a Way to See the Beauty

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Sometimes the open road isn't so lonely when you slow down to enjoy the beauty around you!

At some point in life we all feel lonely, don't we? This can happen when we are all alone as well as when we are surrounded by others. As humans we are social beings by nature and crave social connection. When we feel like we don't have it we begin to get down on ourselves and think negatively. These thoughts of being alone, not belonging or feeling rejected will grow the more we feed them. This is our inner critic and will lead us down the path of negative thinking patterns, self destructive behaviors and unpleasant feelings. The good news is loneliness has more to do with state of mind than your actual social connections.

Loneliness is not about how much time we are alone, instead it is about how we think about the time we spend alone. It's all about perception. It's all in our mindset. If you feel lonely challenge the inner critic and feed yourself with positive thoughts. When you learn to challenge the negative thoughts and restructure them into more realistic and positive thoughts you will notice a shift in your emotions. This will lead you to more pleasant emotions. The thoughts are key to how you feel!

Stay in the present and enjoy what's around you. Embrace the simple things that bring you joy. Slow down and soak in the beauty that is all around you!

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naznin Bipasha
naznin Bipasha
24 Οκτ 2022

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05 Νοε 2021

nice article. keep it up 😁

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