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Guided Grief Workbook & Journal to Heal the Survivor's Heart

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The unthinkable has happened—you’ve lost a loved one to suicide. Your world has been shattered, and you’ve been left behind to pick up the pieces, all while navigating the shock, shame, guilt, and stigma that comes with suicide. Suicide grief is a grief like no other and is something that only another survivor can fully comprehend. Having experienced grief from “both sides of the couch” as a therapist and a survivor of the suicide of her younger brother Jeff, Linda writes with extraordinary courage and compassion about the realities of suicide loss. This unique journal and workbook is intended to be a place for survivors to honestly and openly reflect on their grief journey. It offers a space for them to document the many ups and downs of their grief, as well as a place where they can remember the life of their loved one, all without the fear of being misunderstood or judged by others.


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“Mending Piece by Piece After a Suicide Loss” provides you with:

• 24 Exercises & Checklists

• 160 Journal Prompts

• 28 Quotes & Verses

• 10 Coping Tips

This journal is designed to help survivors better understand the thoughts, emotions, and experiences they are having as they grieve, which, in turn, will set them on the path towards healing.

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